This is for Devs.

Bot Information
Fiji Mail was written in JS with module Discord.js
!Reply (staff only)
Help (this is ran every time the bot detects the word “help” within DMS)

Fiji Bot Was Written in JS with module Discord.js
Commands: (staff) = staff only
_Giveaway (staff)
_dm (staff)
_EnterGA (Only Available when giveaway is active)
_GAend (staff)
_CheckGAlist (only available when Giveaway is active) (staff)
Slowmode (if this is in a channel as a description the bot will activate slowmode after the user sends 2 or more messages. note staff are not affected by this)
_prefix (staff)
_talk (staff)
_restart (owner)
_setgame (staff)
_purge (owner)
_News (staff)
_announce (staff)
_poll (staff)
_sudo (staff)
_name (staff)
_join (staff)
_leave (staff)
role (detects the topic ROLE CHANNEL and deletes every message sent to that channel)
_eval (developer and staff only)
music (contains music CMDS) ->[_play _add _pause _Stop _resume _queue _skip _volume _clear _loop]

Bots Are being ran in Node.JS off my server.

Bots Created by TOG1_#6969
If You need a bot for your server im willing to create one for a small price. (5$ these things take time to code ya know)

For a API of our server contact TOG1_#6969 and give the reason to why you want it!

Created by TOG1_

Hosted By Cpanel and running off of WordPress